Secret Identity (Singular Joter x Furioso II) - Finca Horses

Secret Identity

Singular Joter I  Silvestre  Silvester 
Ravella  Rinaldo 
Feldmaus  Furioso II  Furioso xx 
Dame De Ranvill 
Adelinde  Abhang I 
°1995 | mare | dark bay | Hannover

 Secret Identity was a succesful 160 cm jumper. Together with Alexander Rohling they competed succesfully in North America. The pair won forexample the Worl Cup in Ottawa 2003. Alexander first saw Secret as a three years old in a little breeding farm somewhere in Hannover. There this big bloody mare was introduced to Alexander and his dad Heinz. She was free in the indoor and by herself she kept jumping a fence that was built there. She just loved jumping. Decision was quickly made and the mare was brought to Canada. Secret was the horse of a lifetime for the Rohling familly and with her offspring her memory remains with us and continues the beautiful saga.


Amazing Secret Z (°2012)
Night Secret Z (°2012)