Biography Nina Fagerström - Finca Horses


In today’s equestrian sport it s nearly impossible to become a Grand Prix rider with out financial support, and even when it is there it still takes endless hours of dedication and patience. Unfortunately growing up Nina never had the opportunity to receive great horses or hours of riding lessons to develop as a rider. In fact until her 14th birth year she spent all of her free time in stables doing barn chores in hopes to receive the chance to ride. Learning that nothing comes easy and that you have to work for it. Molded the strong competitive mentality to never give up and go for it, no matter what. This is what makes Nina such a fighter and winner in the ring today.

Of course all great athletes must also possess natural talent. But unless someone believes in you and gives you the chance to show your talent you will never become great. All great athletes will tell you about people who pushed them and gave them the chance to show the world that they are indeed talented and great.

This first major influence came to Nina at the age of 14; when Finnish Olympic Show Jumping rider Christopher Wegelius stumbled across the young working student’s natural ability to make horses trust her.

Having never been promised the chance to ride prior to coming into the stable no one expected this; not even Nina. But as we are always told by our peers growing up “Hard Work Pays Off’.” That is exactly what happened. It didn’t take long for Nina’s hard work to stand out and for her to get noticed. Still not expecting much Christopher allowed Nina to ride one of his horses and this was the first stepping-stone on a long winding road that took the 14-year-old working student to becoming one of the most successful Finnish Show Jumping Riders of all time.

After only seven months Nina was already competing in the National Grand Prix level in Finland with Christopher Wegeliuses Russian Warm blood, Rator. It didn’t take long for the success in the ring to come for Nina and Rator, which soon earned them a place on the team for the Nordic Junior Championships. What makes the story so great when Nina recalls it in her own words: When she made it to these championships she was ridiculed and was a little bit of an under dog because Rator didn’t have a huge pedigree and Nina’s equipment was not the newest but that didn’t stop her for a second. She was there to ride and that is exactly what she did. To everyone’s surprise the pair ended up finishing fourth over all in the individual rankings.

After many more successes in Finland Nina successfully finished her school and realized that if she was really going to try and make it as an international rider and follow her life long dreams she would have to leave Finland and go abroad to gather experience as a rider. Following the recommendation from Christopher and Swedish Show jumping rider Royne Zetterman Nina found her self in Belgium at the Stephex stable.

Being one of the largest trading stables in the world. Nina quickly gained countless hours of ring experience on hundreds of different horses over the next decade. Gaining this experience and fine-tuning her riding skills made Nina ready for the next step. Probably the most major step and the biggest in any riders career into the 5 Star level. It is almost impossible to get into the 5 Star shows unless someone vouches for you.

“I was very fortunate and owe a great deal to one of my few mentors Eric Lamaze. He was the one who believed I could make the step and pushed for it with show organizers. I owe a great deal to Eric and am very grateful that he believed in me and gave me some amazing horses to ride.”

“When I look back now at where I came from to winning a 5 Star Grand Prix I feel like a chapter of my life is complete. I look forward to the next chapter and what is in store for me as I venture out on my own with my partner Alexander Rohling and our new stable FINCA Horses. I know it will be difficult to get back to the level, which I left behind. But I have found a new happiness in life and for the first time am able to ride my own horses and build something with someone special.”